“It is never too late to dream, just have the courage to build your dream and persistence to fuel it with faith” Bhavna Sharma

Hi, Iam Bhavna Sharma, mother of 2 beautiful daughters and wife of an enterpreneur. I grew up admiring my mother who was a Professor of English Literature in Delhi University, dress up fashionably in her pure chiffon sarees with dry bindi adorning her beautiful forehead. That was my first introduction to fashion and dreamy world of literature. I would read her literature books and get fascinated by various authors and their description of characters and their attires. This led me to pursue my grad and post grad in literature as well. As life has it plans I got married and then blessed with two beautiful daughters later, my entire life revolved around them and dressing them up in the most fashionable way.
As they say seeds have to be sowed in darkness to come out with most beautiful flowers, years later when I lost my mother, and lost myself in that pain, out of this darkness germinated the seed of Ramagiq which meant Rama(my mother’s name) her Magic! I had an unstoppable urge to bring fashion to every woman who desired stylish outfits at reasonable prices. Ramagiq was launched to satiate that need.
At 46, the age when women feel they are free from responsibilities, I set out on another journey!
Hence I say; “It is never too late to dream, just have the courage to build your dream and persistence to fuel it with faith”
At Ramagiq, I handle the creative and operations department with my in depth knowledge of colour pallete, fabric and design.

Co Founder
Hi, Iam Shivangi, a fashion influencer, health and sports enthusiast and an entrepreneur.
Fashion and marketing are my areas of passion. I like building relationships and love every part of marketing. With a keen eye on fashion trends and what’s latest on social media, business development is what I am responsible for and manage.
It’s a mother daughter venture, born out of love for a mother, who loved fashion and shopping.
Ramagiq is for the contemporary woman, who wears heart on her sleeves, is carefree, stylish and most importantly fashionable.
The magic wand on our logo is the Magic of Fashion.