Empty Nest, zindagi ki shaam or Time of Renewal

As I reclined on my sofa last evening, all by myself, reflecting on the previous years of my life as I turn an year older this month, it suddenly struck me now I belong to the group of Empty Nesters!!!! Oops! Life just happened so quickly! 

I googled to check the exact meaning of empty nest to which it replied back: “Empty nest syndromeis a feeling of grief and loneliness parents may feel when their children move out of the family home, such as to live on their own or to attend a college or university. It is not a clinical condition.” Mind you, it emphasised on “it’s not a clinical condition” apart from the creaking joints or other conditions you might be developing in this special age that needs clinical attention! 

So the above definition got me thinking as to why would you feel lonely or have a sense of grief?! Entire life you spent in bringing up and curating those little beings who were absolutely clueless of what they were as you were to what to make of them!!!! And finally when you have figured out and kind of they have to, it should be an age of winning and celebration, why grief and loneliness??!! 

Figuring out one problem to another, running errands, getting their assigments done to reliving your own exam schedules, if you had two or three kids then maybe reliving twice or thrice of that trauma!!! 

Now is the time you get to invest in yourself, your left over dreams, your incomplete desires, now is the time to live all those moments you couldn’t because maybe you were busy changing diapers or busy making their life hell teaching arithmetic & algebra!!!

As they fly high so should you with all the time in the world to equip yourself with new skills, enhance your mindset and widen your horizons. Dress up, Show up!

Age is just a number and our days are counted, make every day count.


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