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The Diva Who Walks With A Sass And Exudes Class Wears Sassy N Classy Red Midi Dress

Perfect For That Brunch Out or Vacation At The Beach

A note about handblock printing:

Hand block printing is a traditional technique of creating patterns on fabrics that involves the use of carved wooden blocks. This process involves skilled artisans who use their hands to apply color onto the fabric through the block. The process starts with the creation of the design, which is hand-drawn or printed onto a paper or cloth. This design is then transferred onto a wooden block, which is usually made of teak wood, by carving it out with chisels.

Once the block is ready, it is dipped in the ink or dye and stamped onto the fabric to transfer the design onto it. The process requires precision and skill, as the blocks need to be aligned perfectly to create a continuous pattern. The fabric is then left to dry before the next color is applied. This process is repeated until the entire design is complete.

Handblock printing is popular in various parts of India, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, and West Bengal, where it is used to create beautiful patterns on textiles such as sarees, kurtas, and scarves. It is a time-consuming process but produces unique and intricate designs that cannot be replicated through machine printing.

  • Made In Pure Cotton Handblock Print
  • Reddish Orange Colour
  • Square Neck
  • Short Puff Sleeves
  • Above Ankle Length
  • Slit In Front
  • Model Is Wearing Size S
  • Easy Hand Wash In Cold Water

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