Self Love and Ramagiq

We are here for everyone around ..the customization service provided by us –is one of our ways of trying to get you into the most comfortable and stylish outfit. Gone are those days when the fashion industry was known for fostering slender, size zero bodies and shaming the larger sized women.

The world has stopped appreciating the trend to be in the race of having the ultimate desirable size. With the changing times as the world is evolving ad the support of communities on a global level, the trend is shifting to accept more relatable and realistic body types. To an extent, the credit for the change goes to influencers who have taught us to unapologetically love ourselves for bringing who we are, without any regrets.

Body shaming has been a repetitive element of conversations when appearance and features are discussed. Well, it’s one of the topics which can harm mental health, accepting oneself completely that is, the way we are requires a lot of willpower and one of the best ways to do this is dressing up and looking good which boosts one’s self-love. Ramagiq here not only promotes body positivity and self-love but also understands that everyone has the right to wear the kind of clothes they wish to. Most fashion brands with the changing times have started plus size garments with infinite options.

At Ramagiq, we believe in creating the attire you would like to see yourself in. We believe in going beyond the boundaries and not separating the clothing based on size.

So have a happy face because you have found the right place for all your next outfits ..Contact us and feel free to choose any kind and any material for your next best attire.

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